NEW landlord eviction powers to include removing unruly tenants in TWO WEEKS

anti social behavior evictions

The detail of the Government’s anti-social crackdown have been published, including how landlords will be given more powers to eject tenants who misbehave quicker and more easily.

Called the Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan, it includes a promise that Minister plan to “change laws and arm landlords with the tools to ensure that anti-social tenants face the consequences of their actions”.

The measures, which will be included in the expected Renters Reform Act, will make grounds for possession – the legal reasons a landlord can evict a tenant – faster and far easier to prove.

“This will mean landlords can take immediate action – rather than giving two months’ notice and waiting for the end of a fixed term, as they currently need to when relying on Section 21,” the Government says.

This will include:

  • Ensuring all private tenancy agreements include clauses specifically banning anti-social behaviour – making it easier for landlords to use the breach of tenancy ground to evict anti-social tenants.
  • Making the notice period two weeks for all anti-social behaviour eviction grounds as part of our reforms for renters.
  • “We will also ensure that landlords are aware of existing tools – such as injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders – to crack down on anti-social tenants.
  • Expanding the discretionary eviction ground  to make anti-social behaviour easier to prove in court  and clarify that any behaviour ‘capable’ of causing ‘nuisance or annoyance’ can lead to eviction.
  • Speeding up the process of evicting an anti-social tenant by working with the courts system to explore how to prioritise anti-social behaviour cases in Possession Lists.
  • Bringing forward legislation which will set out the principles that judges must consider when making their decision, such as giving weight to the impact on landlords, neighbours, and housemates and whether the tenant has failed to engage with other interventions to manage their behaviour.
paul shapmplina

Evictions expert Paul Shamplina says: “At Landlord Action we’ve been pushing the Government to give landlords an alternative to Section 21 notices once this type of eviction is abolished by the Renters’ Reform Act, most likely next year.

“It’s good news that Ministers have been listening to us and other voices within the landlord community. Landlords need to be able to quickly evict tenants who behave badly within their properties.”

Read the plan in full.


  1. Hang on – once you get contradiction you get uncertainty and then you get suspicion …………

    IF a landlord can so easily evict an anti-social tenant with JUST 2 weeks notice WHY would a landlord need to be reminded “of existing tools – such as injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders – to crack down on anti-social tenants.”

    It’s surely one or the other – or is the JUST 2 weeks actually JUST 2 weeks following Police and Local Authority determination that anti-social behaviour has taken place – in which case the term is useless.

    • Let’s face it – this is all political BS from the Government hoping to stem the exodus of LLs from PRS. Logically, if a LL won’t be able to evict somw with 2 months notice (as per Sec 21) then how or why would they be able to evist with just 2 weeks notice? It beggars belief that politicians seem so expert at ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ with such rediculous BS.

    • You should change your name to Licensed Landlord Man, your a Tenant at best with a License to Act as something.

      Be careful you don’t come up against someone who ain’t got a penny in the game but will challenge everything, and rightly so.

      If someone has a license to drive a car and they get caught driving a Lorry, we got problems. Licenses do not mean you are a landlord, you can act a certain way, fix up if I were you. People alot brighter than me or you are coming to claim what you will say to be your house, but on paper means something completely different.

      I’m sure your solicitor has never told you a freehold title holder doesn’t own the home. I bet you dont know the Definition of Freehold or License. I don’t mean Oxford English either, I mean the Language a Judge and Solicitor will use against you when they take your money.

  2. The whole point is that if you need to go to court to evict a tenant then it will take a long time and no guarantee of outcome. It will also cost money if you need help of a solicitor and barrister. Also injunctions are only given in extreme cases, are very expensive and difficult to prove. Criminal Behaviour orders are also very long winded and also for serious offending None of these are anything a private landlord wants or should have to deal with. If there are problems with the tenant a section 21 is the best and most effective way to deal with it. It needs to be a mandatory notice where the courts can be avoided. If it takes two months at least one knows the tenant will have to leave and all neighbors and landlords can see an end to it.

    • Yes I purchased two brand new properties one of my first tenants absolutely wrecked it the whole place was full of black mould with in six months they had allowed the kids to scratch there name etc in pine stair case kitchen cupboards doors where hanging off a nightmare took me one year to get them out and thirtythousand pou to put right

  3. Take this fig leaf with a huge mountain of salt…

    First instance will be lawyers invoking Human rights legislation, Judges side with the tenant and so the SLOW wheels of justice will start to turn. Most likely having to go all the way to the supreme court for a final ruling.

    The govt (with all the powers at its disposal) cannot deport foreigners arriving by boat so what chance does a landlord have of getting a judge to rule in their favour.

    Don’t be fooled by this huge red herring its just a distraction to try to placate / fool landlords into believing the renters reform bill is harmless.

  4. Promise by a minister – can you really trust what a minister says, let alone believe their promises.
    FACT IS: Anti Social behaviour is very hard to prove. It will be kicked around by councils and a judge (if and when you get a date for hearing) will need to be convinced – and if you have children involved….it will be delayed….and delayed….
    Who is going to house them ? Are going to be left on the streets – really ? With children, dogs, etc…
    It seems like a move by the Cons to gain the landlord vote. WHY ?? WHY do they need the landlord votes now, after bashing LL’s around….because they know it is going to be very tight with the votes and the Landlord votes will swing the results….
    LL’s who have sold up due to Section 24 tax reasons will most probably not vote for the Cons who have destroyed they hard earned property pensions.
    LL’s who are selling up now will probably not vote for the Cons.
    All the legislation coming in that kicks the teeth in for most LL’s will result in Cons loosing the next election.
    The chancellor and PM should start blowing the budget and hand the mess over to most probably Labs to deal with – as they may be forming the next goverment.
    A shame that housing is over regulated and politicised….

  5. Frankly any business person (Landlord, retailer, manufacturer etc) would be barking mad to vote for socialists.

    The conservative party know that no matter what the outcome of changes to regulations to the PRS, Landlords would NEVER vote for Labour… The party that was absolutely prepared to ignore the democratic process that resulted in Brexit. The vast majority of those individuals still sit on the green benches.

    They view landlords as PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE and the Tories KNOW that.

    • I’m an ex lifelong Tory voter and a multi-unit Landlord —- I will be voting Labour.

      There is no way I’m giving my vote to the Tories anytime soon.

  6. As a PRIVATE RENTAL tenant myself, I feel as if I am being STRIPPED of any PROTECTION, for example, can or will a LANDLORD, constrew, asking for REPAIRS TO BE DONE, as an anti-social act, to save THEM money!?

    • Don’t be ridiculous!
      Requesting repairs if valid won’t be consider ASB.

      But NOT paying rent should be.

      Rent defaulting tenants should be booted out after 2 weeks of rent default.

      Feckless rent defaulting tenants are definitely engaged in ASB as far as the LL is concerned

    • We know this kind of baseless, petulant moaning among LGBTQ – particularly Trans saga has become a trend. Didn’t know it’s infecting others as well!

    • I’m unsure if you’re addressing Tenants or Landlords ?

      Sadly, it won’t affect bad tenants and could well affect decent landlords.

  7. Will it be possible to serve a s21 Notice before the new legislation takes effect for either an existing fixed term or a periodical tenancy to take effect on the date of expiry of the fixed term (about 7 months hence) or for a periodical tenancy about 10 months ahead?

  8. I dont suppose this will cover Airbnb or short term holiday rentals which where I am cause most of the antisocial behaviour. I would be interested to know who would define this and who would implement it in two weeks. I’ve read the ideal situation laid out in this plan. I can tell you now that a court hearing to invoke this will at best take 3 months.


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