Renting reform bill progress unlikely until much later this year, admits minister

rachel maclean renters reform bill

The Government’s Renters Reform Bill is unlikely to make progress through parliament until much later this year, housing minister Rachel Maclean has admitted.

Maclean was unable to confirm when the bill would get a second reading during a Q&A with MPs from the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities committee. It is tasked with scrutinising official policy and performance in housing.

Asked by chairman Clive Betts about the legislation’s slow progress through parliament (it was given its first reading on 17th May but has since then ‘got stuck’), Maclean hinted that it was unlikely that it would get a second reading until after the Summer recess.

This is due to start on 20th July and finish on 4th September.

She said her hands were tied by the parliamentary business managers who decide how and when bills pass through parliament, and a quick look at the ‘what’s on’ website for the Commons and Lords shows no time allocated for the bill before the house rises.


michael cook leaders

Michael Cook, Group MD of Leaders Romans Group, says: “Despite some big announcements recently from Government, it’s unsurprising that the second reading of the Renters Reform Bill is delayed until at least the Autumn.

“As an industry we are concerned that a number of the elements of the Bill are unclear and need amending to make it workable.

“Giving MPs and the Select Committee a bit more time to liaise and engage with all parts of the sector is probably not a bad thing.

“Specifically, and from both the landlords’ and tenants’ point of view, we are concerned about the impact of removing fixed terms. We also question how effective the new housing courts will be, given that we have heard of no clear plan.

“We suspect many MPs will share these concerns. This has possibly been sensed by Government and hence the brakes applied to allow for some of these issues to be addressed.”

Read more about the Renters (Reform) Bill.


  1. There will be no Housing Courts.

    Govt has no intention of making repossession easier.

    So consider under any revised S8 process taking at least 2 years to evict.

    It is highly doubtful the RRB will receive Royal Assent before the GE is called

    Then the RRB will be tinkered with to convert into a Renters Charter when Labour become the Govt.

    That will be a nightmare for LL

    Labour intends to tax LL wealth until the pips squeak.
    You have been warned.

  2. Just Scrap the Stupid Bill.

    The Rent Reform Bill is not the Solution but it is the Cause of the Housing Crisis.
    Landlords exiting creating a shortage, high rents and homeless.
    I dare you to prove the truth a lie,
    although you’ll need Mr Khan for that, 65% of the consultation voted against ULEZ but he ignores that and calls it a victory plus hid thousands of other votes against plus spent thousands on a campaign targeting sections of Society that would be more likely to vote for the Scheme, I digress.

  3. This , so called the reform bill is actually a , non starter , it’s not been debated enough or at all , can someone ask the landlords how they feel , the horror awaits with an absolute fastidious tennant ,they will take over the property and plead injustice all the way to the court of the land lord is still alive ?????

  4. Hopfuly some MPs are seeing the crap storm comming. Bought most of my properties in 2014 , had a few defaulters and one cannibis farm
    Numerous bad credit applications. But as soon as this is passed its one strike and the property is up for sale. Il take the cost of purchase and anything after that is a bonus.

  5. But Govt is convinced that the RRB impact assessments it has carried out advising that LL won’t exit the market will be the case.

    That just proves how looney the Govt is!

    In the coming years Govts will find that they have a much reduced PRS as it was back in the 60’s.

    That means that tenants will only have a choice of about 8% of the housing market as rental properties.

    Losing 9% of rental properties means mass tenant homelessness in their millions!!

    We’ll see if the Govt is correct or I am!!

  6. Small Landlords are being deliberately squeezed out by Regulatory and Tax changes to clear the decks for the Big Boys to take over that’s clear enough.

    Here they come all lining up to take over its been well established in recent times the financial Institutions, several Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension funds, Department Stores all moving into the Letting Business, get us out of the way that Built the Business. Simply ask yourself when were any of them ever involved in lettings apart from never.
    John Lewis Department Stores & owners of Waitrose to do 10’000 Flats for letting
    Obviously the Internet on-line has killed their own business like many others and are now scratching around looking for an alternative money stream / ours, aided by Government.

    Lloyds Bank Britain’s biggest, owner of the Halifax and Bank of Scotland the UK’s largest Mortgage lender, now to acquire 10’000by end of 2025 which is only around the corner and already started with a major purchase. Then to increase the Share of the Market to 50’000 properties in 10 years making them the largest on a parr with Grangers. They’ll be in direct competition with their Customers / Conflict of Interest and control their finances & Mortgage’s.

    Need I go on and that’s without going into all the other moving-in taking over our Business. The Picture is very clear and this is what the Bill is all about to persecute and penalise us by every means £20k / £30k a time if necessary if you don’t get this discrimination against Landlords by now don’t play Cluedo, landlord since 1978.

  7. As has been said before, the corporate landlords will have high rents, high referencing criteria, and will only house the top end of the tenant market. Where will that leave two thirds of those who currently rent their home?

  8. Anthony I agree they will cherry pick the better off, we’ll be left with the poorly paid, misfortunate, work shy, benefit claimants and defaulters if we still exist.

  9. What the corporate big boys haven’t realised is if they increase a tenant’s rent or evict someone for rent arrears, you know where they will go shop lifting or vandalise to get some payback, everyone of their stores/banks etc. A lot of bad press coming in the future with consumers changing habits because of how the LL treated them, their child, parent?

  10. The effect of reducing PRS bt 50% since 2019 hasn’t yet sunk in. ( and the tories haven’t noticed) Nor the % loan costs. Being passed on . Most of my tenants have been staying 7 years with no or single digit rent increases up,till now I’m subsidising…. But I can’t do ..

    That’s changing as mortgage rates soar. This year 8% up on existing tenants ( and the greedy letting agents charge a fee to increase rents so they are on the take…. and 12% if I relet a very big if … we will have notice when s 21 changes are due and we can decide to go air bnb or get out then suppose…. I think we will loose another 25% then , so with obviously rent up again maybe it’s worth hanging in . Maybe not . Who knows. I guess Hmrc cares about reduced taxes take.


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