Alphaletz is our Official Technology Platform Partner

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The move comes as Alphaletz, the technology platform, continues to grow and work closely with the online property giant, forming strong relationships and helping bring innovative Property Management Software to Landlord’s attention globally.

Following the announcement, Alphaletz’ CEO Richard Jackson said

“We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen by LandlordZONE to be their only authorised technology partner.

We have admired the work Paul Shamplina and the team have been doing with Landlords for a long time. We love all the brands in the group and started working together about a year ago with some email campaigns and joint videos.

Since then we have found our messaging is very closely aligned, and by working together, our joint offerings will resonate very effectively across the thousands of Landlords that use Alphaletz every day.

We are delighted to be recognised and chosen by LandlordZONE.

Users love the Alphaletz ease of use and powerful features.

It’s helping make it an easy decision for landlords to give up the spreadsheets and move to the Cloud with access from anywhere including our mobile app.

With thousands of landlords actively using Alphaletz daily, we are very excited about this new relationship and how we can take the partnership to a whole new level to further improve the lives of landlords, property managers and letting agents everywhere.”

Paul Shamplina, Chief Commercial Officer of LandlordZONE and the wider HF family says,

“We are delighted Alphaletz are our Official Technology Platform Partner. 

Assisting landlords with saving time, becoming more efficient, more compliant and running their property businesses in a profitable way is a real asset. With Richard being an experienced landlord, he understands the needs of what landlords need in their every day life of running a portfolio.”

Alphaletz is a fast growing Property Management Software solution, recently voted in the Top 50 PropTech companies in the UK.

More importantly, Alphaletz is on a total mission to help Landlords grow their property businesses hassle free, adding value by saving time and money.

Users are experiencing time savings of around 75% and an ROI of just a few
months after subscribing to the platform.

Alphaletz offers its users a free lifetime trial on their first property and it’s absolutely perfect for both HMO and single let Landlords.

Try Alphaletz free today by clicking this link and discover what the buzz is all about. (


  1. The move by Alphaletz, a technology platform, is a strategic decision to make their services more accessible and user-friendly. The platform aims to provide comprehensive services to its customers in the form of customer-centric solutions. This includes providing customer support, product catalogs, and a wide range of digital solutions. The platform will also offer a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. This move is intended to open up Alphaletz to a wider customer base, making it easier for them to find the solutions they need. The platform also plans to introduce a loyalty program and discounts for its customers, as well as improved customer service. This will help Alphaletz to create a better customer experience, and make it easier for customers to find the products and services they need.
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