Landlords are now selling at a record rate despite house price falls

London houses with sold sign

In an almost unanimous decision, landlords are throwing in the towel, opting to take the cash and sell their property portfolios. It seems that the gravy train for buy-to-lets is well and truly over, and it’s time to put investment elsewhere.

Official figures based on capital gains tax data from HM Revenue and Customs seemed to indicate that landlords had already sold their properties at the rate of a whopping 8.5% more than originally estimated. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you it’s time to get out, The Guardian added the final nail in the coffin by confirming that the situation was so bad that even though landlords who sold buy-to-lets this year made £10,500 less than those who did so in 2022, clearly that was a small hit compared to the financial consequences of not getting out now.

Surging mortgages are in part to blame, with landlords unable to squeeze tenants for more rent to make the payments make economic sense, or in many cases, even just offset them. That plus new regulations, extortionate refurbs and mounting tax bills and the answer is staring at us squarely in the face: it just isn’t worth it anymore.

So what do we do? Well, if figures are anything to go by, despite the market dropping slightly, properties are still selling, and with the right portfolio exit company, you can still sell fast before the market drops even further. Put bluntly, it’s better to get 100% of 90% market value now, than 100% of 70% market value later. It’s time to take the no-nonsense approach, recoup your finances, and take action.

There are several options for selling your property portfolios, but there’s a reason over 200 landlords per month are reaching out to Landlord Sales Agency. We’re an industry leading, landlord’s choice, comprised of a can-do team of the best property experts in the country.

Created by landlords for landlords, we’re also the UK’s most trusted portfolio exit specialists. No matter what properties you approach us with for selling, no matter what condition, no matter what the tenant or refurb situation, we’ve got an entire team of experts and builders to get them sorted and sold for you. Repairs, access to the property, certificates, video tours: leave it with us. We’re able to overcome every single challenge to get your properties sold, and we’ve done it time and time again. All you need to do is call us, we’ll take the rest off your hands to get the properties sold faster than anyone else.

Our strategy is strong, focused and effective:

  • We manage the entire sale for you, to Formula 1 style efficiency, with experts trained to overcome every possible issue that might arise
  • We have a waiting list of new landlord buyers actively looking for business deals meaning we can sell with tenants in, regardless of the situation or rents
  • We also sell to owner occupiers, first time buyers and investors who we have trusted relationships with, and who are happy to pay more for our properties
  • We ensure all required certificates and legislation is current and in place and any quick repairs that need doing to meet standards are sorted by our in-house team of builders and electricians
  • If tenants need relocating, we have relationships with local councils to help, even providing pre-paid rent in some cases for tenants in their new homes so they’re happy and able to move quickly
  • Our database of 30,000+ of private buyers and investors are text every time we take on a new portfolio, meaning we have buyers queuing to buy before we’ve even listed a property portfolio
  • We secure offers early in the process to avoid gazumping and wasted costs
  • Our company is run by landlords and has relationships with the biggest landlord associations to ensure our service is trusted, to a gold standard, and every single obstacle is overcome to help you sell, FAST.

So if you want to sell, and need a trusted, reliable company you know are going to get the job done for you, no fuss, no nonsense, fast and for the best possible price, get in touch today.

There’s never been a better time to act than right now, and we’re the ones to help you get it sorted.


  1. It is time for leveraged LL to reduce to zero leverage or sell up.

    BTL is no longer viable in a high IR environment.

    Add in all the bonkers anti-LL regulations and it no longer makes any sense.

    Even as a mortgage free LL it is border line.

  2. Why is the government pushing out wave after wave of legislation that reduces the pool of properties to rent? The lack of joined up thinking here is baffling.

    • It isn’t baffling.

      It is deliberate Govt policy to drive small LL out of business.

      Govt wants rental homes to be occupied by homeowners.

      It doesn’t care a jot for tenants.

      Any letting properties it wants operated by large Corporates.

      It will try to eradicate leveraged LL first which to date is has been very successful in achieving.

      Very soon there will be a Labour Govt which with their Renters Charter will drive even more LL out of long-term letting.

      There is going to be a war soon on STL.
      Govt is currently preparing regulations.

      Labour intends to tax 2nd property wealth substantially more than is the case presently.

      LL can see the writing on the wall and they are bailing as fast as they can.

      The days of the leveraged LL are coming to an end.

      The mortgage free PRS will grow slightly as leveraged LL consolidate to reduce or eliminate leverage.

      This will result in about 6 million homeless tenants from former leveraged LL who have stopped long-term letting.

      Even mortgage free LL will be selling up if their properties aren’t EPC C compliant.

      It will result in mass tenant homelessness.

      Very few of these tenants will be able to buy.

      That is why most were tenants in the first place.

  3. So who are buying the homes?

    Landlords selling their home sounds good to me, might be painful in the short term but more people being able to escape the god awful life of renting in Britain (the worst place to rent in Europe) the better!


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