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The site has been helping landlords and agents to manage their investment properties successfully since 1999.

It is also an on-line community with Forum, Blogs, Articles, Legal Up-dates, Landlord Guides, Daily News, RSS feeds and Social Media links.

The website provides free access to comprehensive and reliable information, case law, letting processes and procedures; resources such as forms, notices and standard letters.

The site includes a Classified Directory of over 9,000 suppliers to the property industry: residential and commercial landlords, letting agents, property managers and other property professionals.

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What we Aim to Provide

A comprehensive online resource for landlords and property professionals, and for:

  • Those contemplating letting for the first time.
  • Those letting holiday homes, HMOs and student lets.
  • The small do-it-yourself private landlord with one or more residential or commercial properties.
  • The residential landlord wanting to try commercial
  • The business landlord with a portfolio of properties
  • The property agent involved in lettings and management
  • Residential and Commercial property tenants.
  • Landlords and Tenants of Long Leasehold (Commonhold) properties.
  • Other property professionals.

Our Mission

Our primary aim is to help new and experienced landlords alike to increase their income, their wealth and above all their peace of mind through successful property investment and management.

We do this by providing an encyclopaedic wealth of information for Landlords, Letting Agents and other property professionals.

We also offer marketing and media PR services for all those involved in the Rental Property Industry – as a leading Rental Property Portal LandlordZONE® can really help you drive your web traffic and sales.

Our Philosophy

Our “landlording” philosophy is one of honesty and integrity and we firmly believe, based on our own direct experience of managing property over many years, that a professional, customer oriented approach, based on study and hard work, can bring long-term wealth and prosperity to the landlord whilst providing a worthwhile service to tenants and the community.

The site is based on our own experience and the premise that successful “landlording” demands five things:

  1. thorough market research,
  2. careful and selective property investment,
  3. a prudent approach to finance
  4. knowledge of the rules (the law) and
  5. sound property management practice using the best resources available. We aim to bring together an unrivalled body of knowledge, expertise and contacts on a jargon-free, gizmo-free, fast efficient site.

We Work with the Professionals

We work closely with various property professionals including:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Surveyors
  • Estate Agents and Letting Agents
  • Professional Bodies
  • Advice Agencies
  • Local Authorities
  • Government Agencies
  • Universities
  • Landlord Associations
  • Property Related Research Establishments
  • Suppliers of Goods and Services for “Landlording”.

Contributors to the Site

We are always interested in written contributions and articles from Topic Experts in property related fields. We would like to hear from individuals or organisations with specific expertise in all aspects of letting and managing property.

Products and Services for Landlords

Property professionals and suppliers of goods and services to landlords and agents can join our Classified Directory free of charge. Submit your LandlordZONE®- Free Directory Listing

The Site Editor

The site editor Tom Entwistle is professionally qualified in his own right and has more that 30 years’ experience letting and managing residential and commercial properties. He is a regular speaker at Landlord events, conferences, shows and exhibitions and contributes to several Landlord publications including the nationally distributed Property Week and the Landlord & Buy-to-Let Magazine.

Tom is supported by a hard working team of dedicated professionals. We work hard every day to ensure that LandlordZONE® provides the best possible service to our visitors and advertisers.

Independent Company

LandlordZONE® is published by Parkmatic Publications Limited and is totally independent of any other landlord organisation. We do however promote businesses and professionals in the supply of goods and services for the benefit of landlords and we support and encourage all Landlord Associations and Local Authority Accreditation Schemes. We always strive to maintain our editorial and advertising independence.

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Advertising, Sponsorship and Partnerships

We are always interested in developing advertising, sponsorship and partnering arrangements with suitable individuals and organisations. Please contact us if you are interested in promoting your products in this way.

Gender References

Gender references may use the “she” or “he” pronoun interchangeably throughout our publications. No preference is given to either gender and of course laws apply equally to both.

Views and Opinions

Some of the views and opinions expressed by contributors to the site may not be those of the editor or the directors of LandlordZONE®


As an independent web site we steer clear of outright recommendations, though over our 13 years or more of operations we have developed relationships with many reliable suppliers. Many of our advertisers have been with us for many years and have stood the test of time – on the whole you can rely upon the quality of products advertised on LandlordZONE®

Quality Standards

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